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Welcome @Members, to our festive edition of the RSR newsletter!


We have seen a large number of generous donations since our last newsletter, totalling €140! Our thanks go to the following members for their support:
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Project CARS 2 - Gripping Finale on the Streets of Long Beach!
The final 4 races came thick and fast, with the season finale being held at Long Beach for what was sure to be a tense and exciting race.

In our closest fought season to date, split 1 played host to a hugely competitive field with close racing every lap of every race. The Porsche Cayman GT4 was a tricky car to setup and drive, giving us a great display of talent amongst members. This made the racing just as exciting to watch as it was to take part in. The title fight involved 5 drivers who fought hard throughout the season. despite Puffpirat missing the first and last race he held the championship lead for the majority of the season.

After a thrilling season the title fight came down to the last race, Alex Salmon , Cluck and Diluvian had to win to remain in contention. Their title hopes faded with guest driver ProjectPD taking the final win of the season, this left t0daY who had to finish 12th or higher to keep Puffpirat from taking back to back championships. It was a struggle but crossing the line in 9th place was enough to secure the championship by 8 points. After a thrilling season we look forward to the return of the Revolution cup next year.

With multiple drivers still in the hunt in Split 2, it was all to race for still with the championship still not in the bag. A grid of 22 cars lined up, all ready for 75 minutes in the Porsche Cayman GT4 between the walls of Long Beach. A fight was definitely on the cards. steveg200 led the field off after taking pole position in qualifying followed by grobi0815 and Bluerat rounding out the leading 3. It was a close race at the top with positions trading regularly, but with casualties along the way - with crashes and spins, broken wheel clamps and wheels, we knew long beach was going to be a punishing finale but not to that level!

In the end, it was grobi0815 that took the chequered flag in 1st place, and the other podium places taken by steveg200 in 2nd and Ashnoom in 3rd place. The 2nd place was enough for steveg200 to take the championship in split 2, closely followed by grobi0815 and Ashnoom in 3rd. The team championship was won by Roadrunner Racing, who finished with a lead of 53 points by the end of the season.

(All credit goes to @jamesl91, a true masterpiece!)

From all of the RSR staff, we would just like to say a big thank you all the members who took part in Season 3 of the Revolution Cup. We are looking forward to seeing you next year for some more close racing in Season 4 and more!

Project CARS 2 - Cooperation with PantherRacingDivision
Texas International Speedway was the venue for the latest of RSR & PRD's successful crossover events: A 2-hour sprint around the road/oval course, with LMP 900 and GTE cars mimicking the early days of the American Le Mans Series. The circuit itself proved a challenge for the LMP class to lap the slower GTE class. In the slower corners the heavier GT cars proved to be more comfortable and had better traction on corner exit - so passing was mostly limited to the oval, and hard braking zones entering & exiting the road section. Fortunately, the weather forecast was clear, so conditions were perfect for the long run through the night.

It was RSR's ProjectPD and Battenberg who took pole positions in the LMP 900 and GTE classes respectively, in a close qualifying session which had members of both communities at the sharp end of the grid. A couple of incidents at the start of the race put an end to a number of GT cars' chances, but the front-runners all got away cleanly. ProjectPD had a great opening stint, pulling away from the PRD front-runners in the LMP class. Feanor got the jump on Battenberg early on, and the two traded positions regularly with PRD's Fiskerton & Noonotreally following closely behind.

Once the first wave of lapping traffic passed through, gaps started to grow and strategies started to diverge. Track temperature and tyre wear was a major factor in both classes. Some LMP cars opted to mix soft tyres with hards in their pitstops, while in the GT class tyre wear had prompted some to go for a 2 stop strategy. With these different approaches between competitors, the race became fragmented with gaps fluctuating as different strategies came into play. Amongst all this, there were a variety incidents between both classes, as patience and track width was pushed to their limits - as to be expected on a challenging circuit for multi-class racing. Those who stayed out of trouble reaped huge rewards as some frontrunners were forced to take repairs.

In the final stages of the race, both pole sitters were leading their class but were being rapidly caught by the PRD duo of Stocky and Fiskterton. After 2 hours of cat and mouse racing, it was ProjectPD beating Stocky by less than a tenth of a second in an insane run to the line. PRD man Bullett rounded out the podium in the LMP900 class. Battenberg overcame badly worn tyres and a fuel-saving scare to finish ahead of Fiskerton and Feanor, but not for another lap longer.

As ever, it was a pleasure working with PRD in organising this event, and we look forward to some exciting news in the near future...

iRacing - Night Battle at Spa!
RSR headed to Belgium for Round 3 of the SCO Endurance Series at SPA. With only 2 rounds left we take a small winter break before finishing the series in the new year. We are hopeful that we can gather enough points to finish in the Top 12. We have provided the race from the official stream in case you fancy a watch and want to support your fellow RSR drivers. Below the video is a brief summary of the race.

falcon2081 qualified the car in 6th place. It was decided that ramiboo was going to do the first 2 stints. A couple laps into the race ramiboo clipped a kerb making the car spin out and is shown in the broadcast. This caught ramiboo out a couple of times with no damage to the car but they fell way below the top 10 unfortunately and were running behind the RSR #66 sister car. Once ramiboo got done with his stints it was time for falcon2081 to get into the car. With a tall order to climb back in the top 10 standings, he put in some very quick laps in his stints to start catching up and gaining some ground. At the end of the race, they managed to finish P9 overall in the GTE class salvaging what could have been a disastrous race for them. It was a great recovery and hopefully they can achieve their Top 10 standing results by the end of the series.
Dutchtastic qualified the car in 16th place in a field that was very tough and highly competitive. He also started the race and immediately gained some places. With the #65 car having trouble by spinning out and a couple seconds back Dutchtastic was showing great form to hold the others off in the top 15 field. Eventually, the #65 car caught up to them and they both ran together until the first round of pit stops came up. The #65 car decided to pit in early while the #66 car saved enough fuel to be able to do an extra lap. Having switched driver's Corbs maintained a great driving consistency that went on towards the end of the race. The #65 car had passed them earlier during the pitstop game but in the end the #66 car was able to finish in 12th place. Great driving from both and hopefully we can get the #66 car into the Top 15 in the standings!

rFactor 2 - Fuel Scare Averted, Points in the Bag!
Round 3 of the VLMS saw Battenberg and Darksi together again, as they tackled the former home of the Turkish GP - Istanbul Park. This was always going to be a tricky race for us because while we were quick in the corners, especially in the famous turn 8 complex, we would lose all ground on the straights - a recurring trait with our SRT Viper. To stay ahead of our competition, we would have to nail every single corner on every single lap for 4 hours. Our target was to finally finish a race in this championship, with any points considered a bonus.

Darksi made his qualifying and race start debut, and kept the car running safe and on target around the other teams' quick drivers, impressively keeping his cool with the daunting first wave of manic P2 traffic. Some contact with a P2 car forced us to pit a few laps early, and a brush with the pit wall meant we had to take more repairs and go a few laps down. As is the case in these longer races, we would still be in contention for points if we kept the car running. By the final hour, we were fighting 2 other cars for 9th place, thanks to strong stints by both drivers. Once Battenberg secured P9, a late fuel mileage scare forced us to save fuel over the last half hour. We crossed the line with less than 1 lap of fuel left in the tank - thankfully the race leader caught us on the penultimate lap. 2 points and 2 relieved drivers after our efforts, not a bad race considering our cars' disadvantage.

The next round of the championship will take place at Suzuka on the 6th of January, with The Wayfaerer returning to join Battenberg for 4 more hours.

DiRT Rally - Support Swells in Opening Stages!
This month brought even more excitement with the start of our first ever DiRT Rally community league. Initiated by TwistedNav, this league has picked up a following of competitive, hardcore rally fans with drivers often completing stages and entire events fractions of a second apart.

The first event saw us taking the R4 class to the tarmac stages of Germany where the contrast of high speeds and handbrake turns sorted the boys from the men. A late charge by The Wayfaerer saw him steal the event win on his second attempt by only three hundredths from Nighttiger in second while the initial pacesetter Dama_The_Crow closed out the podium in third.

Our second event was a tough one. The limiter-bashing straights and massive jumps of rally Finland beat our "2000s" class cars to a pulp, turning the event into a war of attrition more than a race. When the dust settling it was Dama_The_Crow who hit less tress than the rest and finished on top with over a minute to The Wayfaerer and SillySausage in second and third respectively. Next up is the Wales Rally GB, bring it on!

On behalf of the RSR staff, we are thrilled to see enthusiastic members taking the initiative and putting in the work to organize and run community events such as this. With its ever-increasing popularity, we hope to support this league in an official capacity going forward and make it a staple of our RSR racing.

Member of the Month
[parsehtml]<p><img class="right" src="/our_members/PJDubyaM/PJDubyaM - page - 222x222.jpg">[/parsehtml][justify]"Another one of our members who spends his spare time creating award-winning video games, Pete's fun-loving nature has been a great asset to our community since he joined. His passion for the game and the people that play it perfectly embodies RSR."[/justify]
Username: PJDubyaM
Real Name: Pete Morrish
Country of Residence: UK
Date of Birth: 27 October 1976
Occupation: Director of Production at SMS
Daily Drive: E92 M3

Read more here!

Video of the Month
Our video of the month this time around comes from Nighttiger, showcasing his talent as he tackles one of the stages from our first community DiRT Rally event in Germany. Pushing it to the limit, he managed to finish the event second overall by only three hundredths!

We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

Probation Members

Full Members

On behalf of the RSR staff, thank you all for a brilliant 2017. Have a great festive break and we'll see you in 2018!

And remember, drinking and driving is for losers unless it's in Project CARS 2!


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i just realized i am still in probation status. when are the changes taking effect?

thanks and, happy new year!


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Thank you for another great newsletter, and especially for featuring our recent Dirt Rally trial season. It's great to be a part of this enthusiastic community, and contribute to the fun.

Expect to hear more about the forthcoming extended Dirt Rally season very soon.

Anyone who's interested, I envisage the new season to be set up in time for a February start, so please load the game up and get practicing. After about 5 rounds, drivers may well be asked to use cars from their own garage along with their own engineers.

Happy New Year to everyone!
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