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Welcome RSR Members to the fourth edition of the RSR newsletter!


This month saw a solid number of donations come from our generous members to help assist in the running of RSR, totaling €75 which exceeded our monthly target. A big thank you must go to the following members for their donations this month:
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Sim Racing Expo
This year RevolutionSimRacing decided to hold a big meet up at the Sim Racing Expo at the Nürburgring. Combined with the Blancpain Sprint Series, it was the perfect place for some of our members to finally meet in person. All in all, this was a great weekend. Eighteen people, from ages eighteen to forty-five, from six different nations but with one common hobby. It astonishing how a hobby can bring strangers together.

A full recap of the Sim Racing Expo can be found here.

Project CARS 2
The day we were all waiting for finally came, and many members eagerly waited in front of their Steam libraries for their first taste of the new game. RSR held a fun night to celebrate the release on Friday the 22nd, where our members sampled some novel combinations to show off the new game's features and content. Initial impressions were mixed, but once issues were worked around and preferences tweaked to taste, the majority of our members came away excited for things to come.

The guys over at Slightly Mad Studios treated us all to this gorgeous 4K launch trailer on the day of release, showcasing the beauty, features and extensive content of the new game - getting us in the perfect frame of mind before we dove in.

For our first official event, we visited the Eifel Mountains with our shiny new Touring Cars for a triple-header. Due to an impressive turnout, we held two lobbies, chock full of old and new members alike. In Lobby A, t0daY, Cluck, and Blue Monkey were victorious; while in Lobby B Alex Salmon won race one, and Pamellaaa claimed the honours in races two and three, taking the lead in the community's newly reset career statistics as a result. It was proper touring car racing up and down the field, with reverse top ten grids and rain adding more spice to the mix. It was a very successful start to this new chapter in RSR's story.

rFactor 2
Our VEC adventure started off successfully with a second place in division three. Blue Monkey and MelBonkers opted for a four stop strategy which left them quite close on fuel, but with no incidents whatsoever during the race, saw them bring the car home safe and sound. We asked the drivers for their thoughts on the race:

"What an awesome start in the VEC, it has been an awesome experience and a great drive. MelBonkers was an awesome teammate, he did an awesome job. We drove nearly flawlessly and had no incidents whatsoever and could even run a 4 stop strategy, which was damn close on fuel, when our opponents all had to do a 5+ stop strategy. At one point it even looked as if we had the chance to win. A lot of potential for the future."
"For me this race was my first real endurance sim-race. I had a blast running this race with Blue Monkey. We ran this race with just 4 pitstops and squeezing out the last drop of fuel in every stint. Finishing in 2nd position with just 40 seconds behind the leading LMP2 was a fantastic reward for our efforts. Looking very much forward to the next race at Indianapolis GP!"

The 12h of Spa by was the second event we entered in September with RSR running two cars:

LMP1, driven by The Wayfaerer, FlyingKman, Elodyr and Blue Monkey, qualified third on the grid but hit some big troubles mid-race when Elodyr's game crashed and subsequently lost several laps of the leaders. Despite this, they managed to finish a respectable sixth place.

GT3, driven by Battenberg and Darksi, hit some trouble before the race had even started when co-driver Tech_G was unable to race after a hurricane hit his home, leaving the two remaining drivers to tough it out and complete the entire race a man down. We were later relieved to hear that Tech_G was safe and sound. Despite the issues, the GT3 team qualified eighth on the grid but later lost a significant amount of time after some incidents on track, eventually bringing it home in thirteenth place.

This event was all about having fun and gathering experience, which luckily for both teams they got plenty of! We consider this event a great success and a stepping stone to bigger and better things for similar ventures in the future. Huge thanks must go to GioVtec for providing us the fantastic liveries for this event.

Member of the Month
[parsehtml]<p><img class="right" src="/our_members/Jamesl91/Jamesl91 - page - 222x222.jpg">[/parsehtml][justify]"Jamesl91 showcases all the qualities we value here at RSR. In his time with us, he has quickly established himself as one of our most active members and has taken it upon himself to almost always be the first to welcome and assist any new members joining our community."[/justify]
Username: Jamesl91
Real Name: James Lyke
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 11 April 1991
Occupation: Business Owner (IT)
Daily Drive: VW Golf

Read more here!

Video of the Month
This month we've got something a bit different for our video of the month. In light of our recent RSR meet-up, we've chosen to feature not one, but two awesome videos showcasing the real-world driving skills of two of our admins, Elmo and ramiboo as they took some of our members for joyrides around the Green Hell!

What a start to Project CARS 2! Fourteen new probationers eager to put the noisy pedal down!
Thanks for being patient with all the server bugs we had, we'll see you on track soon! :)

September was a hell of a ride, can we top it in October?


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I do like watching these vids, closing my eyes and putting names to voices, Manu, Elmo, Mo, Cluck, and Ramiboo are so easy to spot, though Ben with his shades on is starting to look seriously like Alonso..What made me chuckle was when Manu was sat behind him and then put on the same shades, and in the first lap on the forst vid the two guys in the in the back with big grins at the same time..;)

Maybe one day Elmo..;)

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