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    Welcome RSR Members to the first edition of the RSR newsletter! This is a brand new addition to the website that will be released at the end of each month, acting as a wrap-up of all the RSR happenings over the previous month as well as sharing any updates or announcements we have from the admin team. So, if you've missed any of the action, this is your place to catch up! If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to share them with us, they will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks to the generosity of the following members, who donated this month, we have reached the funding target (€50) for June, which covers the costs of running RSR:-
    To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

    Project CARS - Revolution Cup
    June saw rounds three, four and five of the Revolution Cup take place, with each race offering excitement in abundance for drivers and spectators alike.

    We kicked off June with Round three, at a wet and wild Zolder, where the name of the game was tyre management. The wet weather pushed each driver to the limit, as they struggled to keep their cars in a straight line, resulting in some fantastic battling throughout the field. Puffpirat took the win in split one, while Ashnoom finished his first race of the season in split two, winning by just half a second over championship contender The Wayfaerer.

    Round four took us to the land down under, where race conditions were far different. Sunny skies were in effect but, the unforgiving walls of the mountain continued to claim its victims, shuffling the grid in the process. ProjectPD fought back against his championship rival, Puffpirat, comfortably taking first place, with t0daY splitting the two on an all-German podium. In split two, The Wayfaerer continued his strong performance finishing in P1, fending off a racey Dama_The_Crow.

    Brands Hatch GP played host to the penultimate round of the championship and proved to be one of the most testing to date. In split one, the drivers left the grid on a dry track but the heavens opened around lap 8 or 9 and, by the mid-point of the race, a violent thunderstorm was wrecking havoc. Puffpirat put on a masterclass in wet weather driving, finishing P1 with a huge margin to the two Moby Dick Racing teammates of ProjectPD and Feanor, who crossed the line in stylish side-by-side fashion.

    In an all-dry split two, it was all about The Wayfaerer, as he dominated the race to clinch the championship with one round to spare. This came about after his championship rival, steveg200, had a run of bad luck, leaving the fight for the remaining podium positions wide open as we head into the final round at Spa.

    Congratulations to The Wayfaerer on such an incredible performance in his debut season of RSR racing! With a season low of only fourth position, he has certainly made his mark.

    iRacing - The highs and lows of the 24H of Le Mans
    For 2017's 24 Hours of Le Mans, RSR sent a HPD and two Ferraris into battle. 3 cars, 11 drivers, 24 hours. Here's a quick summary from each team.

    Car #64 - t0daY, Yorkie_065 and Mr Beas
    A fautless start, moving up to 12th position by the end of the first stint and P2 by the handover to t0daY. Taking P1, what followed was a calm, measured drive and a masterclass in endurance racing. Until disaster struck 20 hours in. A blown engine, requiring 40 minutes of repairs and all hopes of winning a distant memory. The team fought on and brought the car home in P12.

    Car #66 - Bassetts, Battenberg,Dutchtastic and Cluck
    Qualifying P14 in class, the first stint saw the team move up to P4. As the drivers swapped, the team fought hard to move up to P2. Then Cluck took over, for his first iRacing race! A series of mistakes, bad luck and a missed slow-down penalty saw him drop the team to P10 by the swap. Moving back up to P4, crippling bugs knocked the team down the order and as the race drew to a close, the team crossed the line in P9.

    Car #67 - stolnikas, Alex du Plessis, Imthecrabby and guest pilot Corbs
    Starting 22nd in class, the first stint saw them in a fine 13th place. Following some serious crashes, and a driver retirement, the two remaining drivers drove through the night, driving for 3 hours at a time when, at dawn, relief arrived in the shape of Corbs. The team fought back their tiredness to bring the car home in 15th place in class.

    rFactor 2 - A Strong Finish on RSR Debut!
    June also saw RSR's first foray into the realm of rFactor 2, led by Blue Monkey, who has also taken on the role as head of our rFactor 2 section. RSR had two drivers enter into the 8 Hours of Suzuka endurance race, with FlyingKman teaming up with Blue Monkey, both putting in a stellar effort to finish an excellent P4, after a strong start to the race. Official coverage of the race can be found here.

    We asked FlyingKman for his thoughts on how the race went:

    "It was an amazing race, with Blue Monkey setting us up with a second place qualifying time. The field was close and each class was cut-throat, with one mis-timed corner costing you a position and resulting in a fight to re-take the place. We had a problem with my driver switch to Blue Monkey, where he disconnected, meaning I had to do another lap before handing the car over to him. This dropped us back to P7 but, with a very fast and determined Blue Monkey at the wheel, we fought back and finished in P4."

    Member of the Month

    "Relatively new to RSR, FuBii_ has quickly become one of our most active members both in the forums and out on track. The consistently quick pace he has displayed on debut becomes even more remarkable when you realise he's doing it ON A GAMEPAD!!!"

    Username: FuBii_
    Real Name: Daniel J. Page
    Country of Residence: Scotland
    Daily Drive: Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI SRi

    Read more here!

    Video of the Month
    In this month's video, watch Puffpirat show us how it's done in the wet at Brands Hatch, direct from the hot-seat in his first ever Oculus Rift video. Enjoy the ride!

    We also have a good crop of drivers moving from Applicant [​IMG] to Probation [​IMG] status this month. The promoted drivers for June are:

    Excitement Builds As Sequel Release Date Approaches!
    This past month has been an exciting one for Project CARS fans as an abundance of new and exciting Project CARS 2 details and footage has been released to the masses, after the Electronic Entertainment Expo was held in Los Angeles.

    Alongside this, the game also became available for pre-order via Steam this month. Offered in both standard and deluxe editions, pre-order bonuses include the Japanese Car Pack in both editions while the deluxe version has the addition of a DLC season pass and an exclusive Motorsport Pack that includes four extra cars.

    You can pre-order your copy of Project CARS 2 via Steam here.

    That was June, bring on July!
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    I guess liking the newsletter is more mainstream than comment it :D
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    Great idea and amazing to see how much has been going on in only a month!
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    Jun 10, 2017
    wooo these things are cool, especially the driver of the month
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    I think it's great to cover everything in one publication, quite a bit of work for someone to do, but it's really appreciated :D and it will catalogue everything that happens.
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    Great job guys! Newsletter looks fantastic. :)
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    wow, member of the month :eek: :pompous:
    Nice newsletter haha
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