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    Welcome @RSR Members to the second edition of the RSR newsletter!

    We are truly humbled by the generosity of our members in July. Smashing through our €50 target, your donations went on to reach an amazing €100. Thanks to these additional funds, we are able to renew the forum license and some of the plugins we use to make the forum a nicer place for all of you. This month, we owe our thanks to:-
    To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

    Social Media Expert wanted!
    We're looking for an enthusiastic member (or members) who's skilled in the use of social media, to take the reins of RSR's social media outlets. This role will involve reviving the RSR media presence by regularly posting updates, upcoming race details/results and so on.

    If you'd like to be more involved in the operation of RSR and this sounds like the job for you, please speak to any one of our admins.

    Project CARS: Temperamental Spa Produces Thrilling Revolution Cup Finale!
    The final round of the Revolution Cup - Season 2 was held this month, with a temperamental Spa-Francorchamps playing host to what was sure be a cracking race.

    The drivers took to the grid in the early morning fog with @SBart_uk taking pole position in Split One while @steveg200 edged out @The Wayfaerer for pole in Split Two by only four hundredths. This effort set Steve up nicely for his defence of P2 in the championship results.

    As soon as the lights went green, it was nothing but action, as every driver battled fiercely to maximise their points scored from this final round of the championship. With the threat of rain approaching fast, some brilliant fights for position ensued, throughout the field until, eventually, all but a handful of brave drivers pitted for wets on lap eight.

    The rain was set to stay for the majority of the race, which resulted in a great clash of strategy and tyre management between drivers. Many opted to pit for a second set of wets, while others took the risky option of pushing the one set for the entire wet stint. This shuffled the grid up nicely, allowing some of the slower runners, with their risky strategy choices, to move themselves up the standings. When the rain began to clear, with only ten laps to go, the stage was set for a short, dry, action-filled dash to the end.

    As the chequered flag was waved, it was @ProjectPD who took the win in Split One with @SBart_uk and @Puffpirat rounding out the podium. This result was enough for @Puffpirat to clinch the overall championship win by just six points, after his fantastic, season-long, performance. Second and third in the championship went to @ProjectPD and @Col_McCoy respectively after a closely fought battle all season.

    In Split Two it was @steveg200 who managed to hold onto P1 in the race, ahead of championship winner @The Wayfaerer. This meant @steveg200 secured his second place finish in the season standings, while @Dama_The_Crow took the final step on the podium, after a consistent drive throughout the championship.

    Well, that's Season Two of the Revolution Cup done and dusted, we hope you all enjoyed it! We're sure we can all agree that it was another challenging car - never more so than in the wet - across a fresh set of interesting and exciting circuits. With more than 50 people taking part, it was you, our fellow drivers that yet again made the Revolution Cup the success it was.

    Special thanks, as well, to the commentary team - @falcon2081 @Hobbnob - without whom we wouldn't have been able to stream our races to the world. With many members returning from Season 1, coupled with a host of new faces, Season Two built on the success of Season 1.

    We hope we can see most of you again for Season 3!

    Project CARS: Ambitious 2.4hr Le Mans Ends With Mixed Emotions!
    On the 16th we had our biggest race of the year, the 2.4 hours of Le Mans. In a 3 way battle of the communities, PRD and AOR joined us in a multi-class extravaganza, mimicking the French endurance classic. Unfortunately, our ambitious event was too huge for the game to handle. 2 of our 3 lobbies suffered mass disconnection issues, and spoiled the evening for a lot of the participants. On the other hand, lobby A held together, and we were rewarded with a cracker of a race.

    In LMP1, RSR's @w0rthy put on a master class in hybrid power management and dominated the field. By adjusting his driving style to concentrate on energy recovery, he was able to make the most of the hybrid system and produced some incredible pace lap after lap. The gap to PRD's Nooonotreally in second place was significant, who himself had a healthy gap to teammate @GosuNoob in third.

    It was @ProjectPD who lead home a RSR 1, 2, 3 in LMP2, with @Col_McCoy and @Nighttiger completing the podium. It was a relatively quiet run to the podium for the top 3, with all the action revolving around @jamesl91, @AndrexUK, and the remaining cars fighting each other in some highly entertaining battles.

    It was a 2 car race for the win in GTE, with Battenberg and PRD's Bullett scrapping throughout the whole race. There were plenty of close moments over the whole 2.4 hours, with both drivers pushing each other to their limits. In the closing stages Bullett was on a charge, chasing Battenberg down in an incredibly tense battle. It came down to a costly mistake from Bullett with a few laps to go that gifted the RSR man the win. Grobi0815 finished third, giving AOR it's only podium of the event. A full write up on the GTE race for the win can be found here.

    So it was RSR that claimed the win in each class, an impressive feat if we say so ourselves! Thanks again to the good guys at PRD and AOR for making this possible with us, and we eagerly look forward to PCars 2 for the next crossover endurance spectacular!

    iRacing: Disaster Strikes at Spa 24hr Leaving Sole Survivor!
    Another endurance event ticked off in 2017. With preparation starting 2-3 weeks beforehand, it's always great to see how these events bring people and a community closer together. Most people would be surprised at how much work goes into research, planning, scheduling, and finally practising just for one endurance event - it still surprises us!

    For this year's SPA 24hr we fielded 3 cars with 12 drivers. Car #64 (@falcon2081, @t0daY, @Yorkie_065, @ramiboo) the experienced veterans who have a few podiums and various endurance wins between them. Car #65 (@GioVtec, @Pamellaaa, @Alex du Plessis, @1185323118) the newcomers who are getting their "feet" wet with their first official endurance race. Finally, Car #66 (@Battenberg, @Corbs, @Bassetts, @Dutchtastic) who are no strangers to endurance races with @Dutchtastic doing his first endurance event with them.

    This race was always going to be a tricky one, with an unforgiving circuit and memories still fresh of 2016's event, where the sole RSR car's race was ended by a spinning GT3 car after Eau Rouge. This year we had a very good chance of doing well and wanted to capitalize on this, opting for the older BMW GT3 that, whilst slower on the straights, was more predictable through corners and better on tyre wear. Our resident alien, @falcon2081, supplied an excellent setup, based on the feedback from the team and then the long hours of practice began, with each driver putting in 3-5 hours every day. Those hours of practice were a show of commitment not just to performing well as an individual but also to the team, with nobody wanting to let their team down in the 24 hours that lay ahead of them.

    Car #64 - @falcon2081 started the race, having qualified a very decent 14th position in Split 2 - the fastest BMW in this split and, with a field almost full of Mercedes, the odds were stacked against them! A clean double-stint brought the team up to 5th place at the handover to @Yorkie_065. With another excellent stint drawing to a close, the team were up to 4th place when a split-second loss of concentration, out of Turn 14 (Campus), resulted in the BMW hit the guardrail head on. With irreparable damage, Car #64's race was over at the 3-hour mark. If lady luck had been shining on them, as is often required in endurance races, they certainly had the pace and quality to be on the podium.

    Car #65 - @GioVtec started the race in 12th place, as the wheel was passed to @Pamellaaa, the previously spread out field was closing up, as different pit-strategies were being played out. With another 2 hours done, some positions gained and a few minor scrapes along the way, @Alex du Plessis took the reins, only to encounter serious FFB problems. @1185323118 jumped in ahead of schedule and after his 2 hours, handed the car back to @Alex du Plessis. The earlier FFB problems were only the start of Alex's troubles, as he struggled with the car, resulting in a couple of visits to the pits to repair the damage. Then, nearly 9 hours into the race, the team were disqualified after @Alex du Plessis tried to return to the pit-lane in the wrong direction, after an incident at the Bus Stop.

    Car #66 - In a higher than normal split, @Dutchtastic started the race for us and went on to drive 6 of the first 10 hours in fine form. By the time he signed off for the night, we were only a lap down on the leader due to a game crash, and aiming for a top 15 finish in a rapid field of higher ranked drivers. @Corbs, @Bassetts, and @Battenbergthen all worked together through the night and into the morning to bring the car home in a trouble free run to P11. It was #66's cleanest run in a 24-hour race yet, against perhaps it's the toughest competition the crew has come across so far.

    Member of the Month

    "This young Austrian has taken RSR by storm! Proving his consistency and pace on track early on, The Wayfaerer went on to win split 2 of the Revolution Cup - Season 2 in convincing fashion, always racing cleanly and fairly in the process."

    Username: The Wayfaerer
    Real Name: Michael Großberger
    Country of Residence: Austria
    Date of Birth: 2 January 1997
    Occupation: Student
    Daily Drive: My parent's VW Golf GT '04.

    Read more here!

    Video of the Month
    July's video of the month has to be ProjectPD's fantastic Revolution Cup - Season 2 highlights reel. Obviously with far too much time on his hands, ProjectPD has put together this impressive recap of all the best racing moments over the season with a killer soundtrack to boot. A big 'thank you' must go to him for all his hard work, it's definately appreciated.

    As a thank you, from the admin, for taking part in the Revolution Cup, we promoted all participants who were previously at Probation [​IMG] status to Member [​IMG]. Congratulations to @Elodyr on his promotion from Applicant [​IMG] to Probation [​IMG] status this month. The promoted drivers are:

    Project CARS 2: Cluck's 4k Screenshot Factory
    Exclusive to the July newsletter, Cluck has taken a brand new batch of 4K screenshots for RSR, using the new Photo Mode in Project CARS 2. Feast your eyes on the shots below. Project CARS 2 releases 22nd September 2017.

    July was a scorcher, let's turn the heat up for August!
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  2. Cluck

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    Aug 28, 2016
    As ever, the team here at RSR have put together a fantastic newsletter, well worth your time reading :). Well done to everybody involved :)
  3. t0daY

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    Aug 2, 2016
    Props to @ProjectPD for his phenomenal video of our Revolution Cup - Season 2. Well done mate! :)
  4. ramiboo

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    Aug 2, 2016
    A great news letter. Well done to all involved.
  5. falcon2081

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    Aug 31, 2016
    Yeah, love the attention grabbing headlines! Disaster strikes at SPA lol. GJ everyone. :)
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    Dec 20, 2016
    Great news letter and loved the video.
  7. Dutchtastic

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    Jan 1, 2017
    What disaster at Spa :p probably best result this Endurance season
  8. Freak Superman

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    Apr 16, 2017
    The best newsletter ever! love it
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    Sep 19, 2016
    Donations and the Affiliates links.
    Without wanting to sound like an incompetent old fart, how does that work, or more to the point how do I get it to work ? So much easier in my day, you just walked up to people and thrust cash in their face . . .
  10. Cluck

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    Aug 28, 2016
    re. the Affiliates link, there's an Amazon logo on the main forum homepage. Click that to take you to Amazon, before you order something from them. Goodness will surely follow :D.

    As for donations, you click the Donations tab on the main forum page, choose how much you want to donate, add a little note and click Donate. That will take you to a paypal login page, where you log in and confirm the donation :).
  11. Jamesl91

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    May 3, 2017
    Thanks for the newsletter, Its a great way to recap on the months racing. We had some cracking races. Huge congrats to @The Wayfaerer for Member of the month.
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    Feb 8, 2017
    Great bit of reading there, thanks to all involved.
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    Dec 25, 2016
    Thx allot for the promotion guys! and what a reaaaally nice newsletter!!!