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The RSR Newsletter - January 2018 (1 Viewer)


RSR Family
Sep 16, 2016

Welcome RSR Members, to our seventh edition of the RSR newsletter!


Another great show of generosity by our members in January. Smashing through our €50 target, your donations went on to reach an amazing €80. Thanks to these additional funds, we are able to renew some of the plugins we use to make the forum a nicer place for all of you. This month, we owe our thanks to:
To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

Project CARS 2 - Back into the Swing of Things!
2018 has started with a bang at RSR with five massive Project CARS 2 events already done and dusted in the new year.

The racing kicked off with the IndyCar Spa 600 which featured a 'sprint race + main race' format and boasted a packed grid with some of the fastest drivers RSR has to offer in attendance. Despite the night being plagued by severe game bugs, the racing was hard and close with some incredible lap times being set by the open-wheel masters within RSR. SBart_uk took the win from ProjectPD in race one while CrisBCros scored a double podium finishing third and second, with steveg200 occupying the top step in race 2 and Battenberg rounding out the podium.

The next race on the calendar was the first of our 'back to basics' style races as we took the 'Induction Machines' (Renault Clio Cup) to the Glen, for a pair of back-to-back sprint races. As expected, extremely close racing ensued with plenty of drama included. A huge double win on the night for Alex Salmon saw a start to his successful 2018 racing campaign while Nada (2nd), Mark (3rd), Jonno (2nd) and xImJakeyy (3rd) also started the year well for themselves with some strong results.

We then headed to Portugal for our first multi-class event of the year, at Portimao Circuit in the Caterham SP300 and Ginetta G40 GT5. Unfortunately, many drivers were affected by more game bugs but this didn't make the driving any less close. When the rain cleared it was Feanor who took the win, followed by RSR veteran @Ashnoom and newcomer The_Duke_ZA.

Last but not least we finished up the month with a doubleheader series in the Ginetta G40 Junior. The first event featured two sprint races at the Oschersleben B Course where, as expected, we saw incredibly close battles all the way up and down the grid. It was an all RSR veteran podium for both races at the end of the night with the likes of Alex Salmon, Puffpirat, Cluck and t0daY taking home the silverware. The Asian leg of the series was held at Sugo circuit where the action continued. It was here we got to witness a masterclass in fair but firm racing and some incredible overtakes by some of our most veteran members as well as some close battles throughout the entire length of the field. In the end, we were rewarded with identical podiums for both races with veterans Alex Salmon, miagi and Puffpirat spraying the champagne.

iRacing - Third Visit to iRacing's Daytona 24 Hours
For our third visit to iRacing's Daytona 24 hours event, RSR fielded an unprecedented 4 cars into the traditional endurance season opener. With a long overdue win for the veterans in car #66, a second for the underdogs of #33, and a third for newcomers in #69 in their own splits, it was one of our most successful iRacing endurance events as a community. It wasn't all smooth sailing though, with various incidents, disconnects, hardware issues, and dodgy traffic affecting all cars, each crew had to work hard for their result, and for that, the community can be proud of their achievements. Condolences to the crew of #96, who whilst leading, had a freak accident with 7 and a half hours to go. We all win and lose together, and you can guarantee these drivers will be back stronger than ever.

We would like to thank all members who gave us their continued support over the 24 hours. Whether in the forum, stream chat rooms, or TeamSpeak, your kind words and encouragement help drive us to get a good result for the community. A special thanks also goes to the Geodesic Team, whose help with preparations in the weeks leading up to the race were invaluable. Congratulations to them for their win in Split 3, a strong result for founding RSR member falcon2081. Check out all reaction from the drivers, and the updated Hall of Fame!

Matt Yorke aka Yorkie_065
David van Buuren aka Soulah
Constantin Tscharf aka C. Tscharf
Ferensitz Máté aka Vernux
Steffen Deszczka aka grobi0815

Spencer McCarthy aka ramiboo
David Berry aka Bassetts
Andrew Langham-Service aka Corbs
Sam Blease aka Pamellaaa

Tom Young aka Battenberg
Alex du Plessis aka Alex du Plessis (Oki)
Yuanxi Lin aka 1185323118

rFactor 2
4hrs of Suzuka (by SimRacing.club) - Round 4 of the VLMS
Round 4 of the VLMS took us to Suzuka: an unforgiving track at the best of times, let alone when sharing the track with a field of excitable P2 cars! This circuit suited our Viper more than most of the other tracks, allowing the pair of The Wayfaerer and Battenberg to post competitive lap times in the run-up to the race, boosting confidence in the drivers ahead of this daunting race.

The Wayfaerer qualified and started the race for the first time, and was soon running safely in the top 5 after various incidents & penalties affecting those nearby. Despite the circuit being the trickiest on the calendar for multi-class traffic, the duo had very little to worry about on track throughout the race, a testament to their cool heads and consistency. The only drama was due to a hardware failure just as Battenberg was due to take over at the first pitstop. Thankfully The Wayfaerer was able to double stint, continued to run strongly, and moved up to P4. With technical issues resolved with digital gaffer tape, Battenberg brought the car home in a mostly trouble-free run to the flag in P4, sealing RSR's best VLMS finish to date.

Sadly, car #99 (and 13 other teams in the class) were caught out by one of the Code 80 periods and will need to serve a drive-through penalty in the next race at Interlagos. On the bright side, most of the team's rivals will also need to do the same - with multiple teams needing to serve at least 4 drive-through penalties! This combined with wet weather on the radar (which our Viper loves), should see Battenberg and Darksi put in another competitive showing on the 3rd of February.

6hrs of Road Atlanta (by p1-gaming) - A Thrilling Race with Last Hour Drama
What a race!! Being Last and 25 seconds off the car in front due to a race start issue. We managed to claw our way back through the field and was in P25 by the end of the first stint, Darksi took over for the 2nd stint and got straight onto the pace passing the Touring cars quickly, the pace settled quickly into a conservative approach looking after the tires and fuel to make it to the next hourly stop. I took over for the 3rd stint getting straight back into the rhythm, this time the approach was fuel and tire management. We knew we had the pace to be higher up the field than we were so we had to focus on consistency. for the 4th Stint, it was again the return of Darksi who without realising would be in the car for the next 2 stints! The final pit stop was a planned driver swap, however, the driver swap failed, even with the help of P1 Race Control we couldn't resolve the issue so Darksi continued and brought the car home in P24. The end result wasn't where we wanted to finish but it was a great start to the season.

Recently there has been a growing interest in rFactor2, should anyone be interested in endurance racing feel free to post here.

DiRT Rally - 'Tree'mendous Time in Wales
After the successful first season of DiRT Rally, Dama_The_Crow has taken the reins for season 2 of the event from TwistedNav. Season 2 will see the drivers competing over 4 week-long events to try and get the time in for all 12 stages. Stage 1 is blasting its way through the Welsh countryside with the event underway and coming to an end soon (full coverage in the next newsletter). Following on from this our rally drivers will head off to Greece, Monaco and finally off to Finland for the season 2 close.

It's not too late to join so grab your group 10 car and sign up here.

Member of the Month
[parsehtml]<p><img class="right" src="/our_members/Ranjanado/Ranjanado - page - 222x222.jpg">[/parsehtml][justify]"One of our most regular race attendees, Ranj's humble nature, undeniable enthusiasm for racing and his drive to always be improving his racecraft makes him a welcome asset to RSR."[/justify]
[parsehtml]<hr><br>[/parsehtml]Username: Ranjanado
Real Name: Ranjiv
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 4 July 1977
Occupation: Data Analyst
Daily Drive: Citroën C1

Read more here!

Video of the Month
For this month's video, we're showcasing our crazy chicken moderator's holiday project. He only had one goal, set the world record time at Bathurst in every car, using their default setups. Was he able to achieve his goal? Have a watch and find out!

We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

Probation Members
Full Members

Say goodbye to January and let RSR be your valentine this Feburary

RSR Tip: Head over to our Wishlist Thread if you want to submit an idea for a race for RSR to run in the future

EVR Morvic

Active Member
Oct 31, 2016
I'd love to have RSR as my valentine but that wouldn't be appropiate in my case.


New Member
Jan 24, 2018
Video of the month? Video of the year probably - very impressive

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