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    Welcome Members, to the August 2018 Issue of the RSR newsletter!

    We had a close month with donations from our members raising €55 in August.
    To help ensure the long-term continuation of RSR and its associated outlets, please consider donating to help support its operation and enable us to continue to provide the best service and experience we can.

    Forum Update
    On Behalf of all the Staff team we would firstly like to say a massive thank you to all our members who have donated to update the forum software, we hit a staggering €420 in only 9 days. On that note over the next few weeks/months we will try and keep you all updated with how the upgrade is progressing and what is happening in the background.

    Currently, you will not see many changes as we are busy setting up the test server for migration, so that all the bugs and issues can be identified before the real move, to ensure we have the smallest downtime during the transition proper.

    Further updates will be posted here: https://revolutionsimracing.com/threads/xenforo-2-upgrade-blog.1541/

    Hotlap Championship
    Starting in September we are introducing a new Time-Trial Mini-Championship. Following on from the suggestion by The Breeze, with clear support from our members, we're inviting you to take the track with no opponents, no pressure, just the pursuit of getting one over on the chicken!

    The rounds will run throughout the year, with the combination changing at the start of a new month. The combos are being picked with the goal of fun, not frustration, to get as many of you as possible taking part and enjoying yourself in the process. We kick off September with the hugely entertaining Caterham SP/300.R at Donington Park.

    Open setup or default, it's your choice, we'll be keeping track of both in a separate table.

    Project CARS 2 - Revolution Cup Summer Recap
    It's been a busy month for competitors of the Revolution Cup. Since our last newsletter, we've seen our drivers do battle at a soggy Brno, in the Californian sands of Laguna Seca, on the sweeping curves of Barcelona and most recently through the Ardennes forest. Heading into our final break of the season, both splits have championships going to the wire.

    In Split 1, the drivers' championship is shaping up to be an all time classic, as Bavarian behemoths Puffpirat and ProjectPD traded wins to gap super Am Elodyr by 50 points. With Puffpirat's absence at round 4, and after discounting ProjectPD's worst scoring round so far, the net gap between the two is a tantalising 5 points in Puffpirat's favour. The new for season 5 'Worst round result dropped from standings' feature is working well, throwing a spanner into the works! In the team standings Bad Boy Racers have a hefty 139 point lead over B&N Motorsports, thanks largely to Am driver Elodyr's stunning form bolstering teammate Puffpirat's title charge.

    In split 2, It is Jamesl91 who comfortably leads the drivers' championship, with a 56 point gap to Nada with amateur Eugene Gajkin 5 points further back. James has had an impressive season so far, taking at least 1 win in each round he's participated in. It will take some bad misfortune to see Nada pose a threat in the closing rounds. It's a completely different story in the teams' championship however, with Freaky Fast Racing leading KYMA Racing by a single point. James and Freak Superman have their work cut out to stay ahead of Nada and eagle in this closely fought battle.

    Unsurprisingly, with the Team Sherifitzer cars fighting for both drivers' championships, the Cross Team Championship sees the yellow cars 178 points clear of BN Entertainment. Although the gap may seem big now, that can change dramatically in the space of 1 round, so we continue to watch with baited breaths to see how all 5 championship fights pan out!

    The cars will next be out on track at the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Round 6, followed by the grand finale at Dubai Autodrome. To whet your appetite, check out the top moves from Brno and Laguna Seca, as compiled by drukqs.

    iRacing - Mixed results at Le Mans
    Again we had 2 cars on the grid for the final 24-hour race of 2018, with our GTE team getting a nice result, finishing P17 from a starting position of P22. Our drivers Battenberg, GoDATP, Nismo and AndrexUK did a hell of a job to keep the race as clean as possible. The LMP1 team of Dutchtastic, t0daY and grobi0815, driving the Porsche 919, tried their best to finish the race but after the 4th crash in the night, they decided to retire the car.

    Coming up next we have the final endurance race in iRacing for this year, at Road Atlanta. In October we will drive Petite Le Mans for 10 hours and we already have a good bunch of drivers together, ready to compete on this remarkable track.

    rFactor 2 - Preparation for a new Season
    August was a time for preparation, getting ready for the new VEC and VLMS seasons. With multiple drivers entering LMP2 and GTE classes, in both championships, there were a number of preseason events taking place for drivers to get stuck into. Practice is going well for all the teams, with lap times improving day by day. We also congratulate a number our members who have taken part in, and passed, the SimRacing.Clubs Academy, allowing them to take part in both upcoming championships.

    Looking ahead, we also have the 12hrs of Sebring hosted by P1-Gaming event in September, where multiple teams will take to the laserscanned track in LMP2 and GTE cars. This will certainly be a big test of skills and patience from all drivers, with the twisty bumpy track being a challenge for all.

    Member of the Month -

    "Diluvian hit the ground running when he joined RSR, quickly establishing himself as one of our top drivers. He has a great respect for all his opponents on track and is constantly striving to go quicker and quicker, both honourable attributes."

    Username: Diluvian
    Real Name: Raphael Klapczynski
    Country of Residence: Germany
    Date of Birth: 15 September 1988
    Occupation: Software Developer/Engineer
    Daily Drive: Seat Leon ST FR 2.0 TDI

    Read more here!

    Video of the Month

    We have a good crop of drivers moving up the ranks! Congratulations to all promoted drivers:

    [​IMG] Probation Members
    [​IMG] Full Members

    RSR Tip: Head over to our Wishlist Thread if you want to submit an idea for a race for RSR to run in the future

    Time to chill
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    Forgot to tag everyone, apologies @Members. Enjoy the newsletter :)
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    hm... 420 €, don't think that was a coincidence :D
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    Thanks for the kind words :D
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    YAY!!! thanks so much! ive been dying without my wheel but finally sending it off to thrustmaster tomorrow. Godwilling it wont take much more than a week or two