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RSR Licence System - Update (1 Viewer)


rFactor 2 Lead
May 3, 2017
The following paragraph, marked in red, has been added to the RSR Licence System. The first 4 drivers of the previous event in Sakitto are already under investigation.
The RSR Licence penalty points system is a method of accruing punishments from incidents in all official events by RevolutionSimRacing. Each RSR Licence has a maximum of twenty points that can be accrued, with points remaining on the RSR Licence for a period of six months before they are removed. Points will be placed on the license by the Stewards, at the conclusion of a steward enquiry, with the number of points applied dependent upon the severity of the incident.

To maintain our clean and fair driving standards here at RevolutionSimRacing, the staff will be randomly investigating two drivers per event. This will mainly focus on checking track limits throughout the event but will also act as a "check-up" to ensure our drivers are adhering to all our drivings standards and continuing to promote the clean, fair driving we pride ourselves on here at RSR.

5 RSR License
  • 5.1 - With the promotion to Probation status you are automatically a holder of a RSR License. In accordance with Article 6.1, the stewards may impose penalty points on your RSR Licence.
  • 5.2 - Reaching 10 (ten) penalty points in a 6-month period: The driver must attend at least 2 Induction Nights (or 6 complete induction events*) before he/she is permitted to participate in further official events.
  • 5.3 - Reaching 20 (twenty) points in a 6-month period: Immediate demotion, possible review of their position within RSR and must attend a minimum of 2 Induction Nights (or 6 complete induction events*).
  • 5.4 - Penalty points will remain on a driver's RSR Licence for a period of 6 months, at which point any points older than 6 months will be removed. Any newer points will remain on the license until they are due to expire.
* A 'complete induction event' is classified as a single practice and race combination within an induction evening. Induction evenings usually include 3 such events.

6 Incidents
  • 6.1 - The stewards may impose one of the penalties below on any driver involved in an Incident. These penalties are in addition to penalty points being added to a driver's RSR Licence:
  1. A reprimand
  2. A time penalty
  3. A drive-through penalty*. The driver must enter the pit lane, drive through at the pit-lane speed limit and re-join the race without stopping.
  4. A qualifying ban
  5. Exclusion from the results.
  6. Suspension from the driver's next Event.
* for drive-through penalties, the driver must enter the pit-lane in either the 2nd or 3rd lap of the race (to avoid confusion, the parade/warm-up lap is not counted as a race lap)

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