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Junior Member
Sep 18, 2016
Always a pleasure to have in our lobbies, SirHunterOne is greatly respected amongst our members as a polite, gentlemanly and enthusiastic racer. His positive attitude and innate ability to generate close racing on track are welcome assets to RSR.

Username: SirHunterOne
Real Name: Paul Smith
Country of Residence: Scotland
Date of Birth: 1 December 1990
Occupation: IT Technician/Networking Specialist
Daily Drive: Taking the bus

Favourite Car: Ford GT40 Mk1
Favourite Track: Oulton Park
Favourite RSR Memory: Chasing down Hobbs in the Mercedes-Benz 300SL.
Favourite RSR Admin: They are all good but who doesn’t love t0daY and his sarcastic whit.
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite Artist: The Eagles
Favourite Film: Lethal Weapon

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Computers, PC gaming, motorsport, scuba diving & amateur radio.
How many languages do you speak? English with a bit of French and Italian.
What is your dream holiday destination? A trip around the world to see everything.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Hobbs. I aim to beat him one day.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Marlin

How did you get your username? It started as TheHunterOne back when I started online gaming, then over time it became SirHunterOne.


RSR Family
Sep 16, 2016
"One of RSR's most active members, Jonno shares his infectious enthusiasm with all our members in a friendly and inclusive manner. Always giving 110% on track, his drive and determination to improve is nothing short of inspiring."

Username: Jonno
Real Name: John Wooldridge
Country of Residence: England
Date of Birth: 21 September 1981
Occupation: White Goods Engineer
Daily Drive: Renault Scenic

Favourite Car: Audi
Favourite Track: Thruxton (as it's down the road)
Favourite RSR Memory: I don't have one memory as there is so many and I love making more.
Favourite RSR Admin: All admins are great but if I had to pick one it would be FlyingKman.
Favourite Food: Crisps
Favourite Artist: N/A
Favourite Film: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Go karting, paintballing, motocross & gardening.
How many languages do you speak? 2 (very rough German)
What is your dream holiday destination? North pole (as there is no one else there)
Who is your personal RSR rival? Everyone (I don't have a rival, I respect all racers)
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? One that's not covered in batter.

How did you get your username? Eerrmm. I used to be called Mcjonno but I got the username Jonno from the PS2 in my SOCOM days.


Founder Member
Aug 25, 2016
“Another of our hard working admins, FlyingKman embodies the fun-loving spirit of RSR and importantly reminds us why we do what we do. His level head and infectious giggle makes RSR a happier place each time he logs on.”

Username: FlyingKman
Real Name: Luciano Benini
Country of Residence: South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Date of Birth: 24th July 1985
Occupation: Manufacturing Resource Planning Assistant
Daily Drive: Ssangyong Actyon Sports

Favourite Car: Nissan GTR
Favourite Track: Silverstone National
Favourite RSR Memory: Staying up late, chatting and playing games with the admins till early hours of the morning.
Favourite RSR Admin: EVERY ADMIN!
  • Hobbs – Chatting late nights about military things, playing army games and drifting.
  • t0daY – Helping me install Windows using my wife’s PC on Teamspeak.
  • Photo – Practising and testing track combinations.
  • Falcon – We had a weekend of just him and I on Teamspeak and racing.
  • Pam – Doing the team event with him.
Favourite Food: Pasta & pizza
Favourite Artist: I actually don’t have a favourite.
Favourite Film: Men of Honor

Hobbies Outside of Racing: I have my own Karate Dojo of about 130 students. So yeah I do a lot of karate for most of my spare time. Other then that I play squash and do random runs and mountain biking.
How many languages do you speak? English, Afrikaans and a bit of Italian.
What is your dream holiday destination? I want to go where my grandparents stayed in Italy. Grandfather came from Riva Di Garda and grandmother from Venice.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Ashnoom
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Eel, electrify mofo’s that touch me.

How did you get your username? I watched a series called “Heroes” and when Hiro Nakamuras see’s Nathan Petrelli he shouts out FLYINGKMAN!!! I was like I MUST HAVE!!!


Senior Member
Aug 30, 2016
"Despite his young age, Gxbbs brings a wealth of knowledge in administration, moderation and event organising to RSR through his past experience helping run other sim-racing communities. These skills are a major asset to RSR and his youthful enthusiasm breathes life into our community here."

Username: Gxbbs
Real Name: Ronnie Gibbons
Country of Residence: England
Date of Birth: 25 November 1998
Occupation: Prototype Mechanic
Daily Drive: Ford Fiesta MK6

Favourite Car: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
Favourite Track: Brands Hatch
Favourite RSR Memory: Although I do not have many yet, I would have to say that my favourite memory is the relay races that we have done during fun nights. I have never laughed so much playing Project CARS and I was also entertained by other people crying with laughter as well.
Favourite RSR Admin: It is hard to pick out one person, but I think I would have to say FlyingKman for one reason and that is his laugh.
Favourite Food: Spaghetti bolognese
Favourite Artist: AC/DC
Favourite Film: Rush

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Being Lazy? I used to do rugby and motocross when I was in school, but since leaving and getting a job I don't do much. I spend most of my free time working on cars with my Dad.
How many languages do you speak? 1
What is your dream holiday destination?
Las Vegas
Who is your personal RSR rival? I'm not too sure...
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A whale XD

How did you get your username? When I was younger and it was cool to play Call of Duty in 'teams' with friends from school, everyone had to have a distinctive name. I spent ages coming up with ridiculous solutions as any 14 year old or however old I was would do. And then one of my friends suggested Gibbs as it was the start of my surname, but it was taken so I made it Gxbbs.


Founding Member
Aug 31, 2016
“He may not be a bald eagle, but this bird of prey is as American as they come. A true sim racer from the land of red, white and blue, falcon2081 is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the quickest and naturally talented drivers within RSR. His admin work towards the improvement of our community here at RSR is invaluable and his consistent alien pace a benchmark we can all strive for.”

Username: falcon2081
Real Name: Jay Vigo
Country of Residence: U.S.A.
Date of Birth : 20th June 1983
Occupation: IT Hardware/USCG Reservist
Daily Drive: 2012 Kia Sorrento & 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Favourite Car: 1998 Toyota Supra
Favourite Track: Watkins Glen
Favourite RSR Memory: Falcon Farewell Festival & Dubai Multi-Class Race
Favourite RSR Admin: Well of course me. There’s the other guys too (Manu, Kman, Photo & Hobbs). All cool cats in my book. lol :p
Favourite Food: Southern BBQ (Steak, Ribs, etc) & Sushi.
Favourite Artist: Roald Velden
Favourite Film: Top Gun

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Motorcycle racing, most athletic sports, beach, cliff jumping, modifying cars and flying planes.
How many languages do you speak? 2
What is your dream holiday destination? Maldives
Who is your personal RSR rival? Puffpirat
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Puffer fish – small yet deadly.

How did you get your username? I’ve had falcon2081 since the mid 90’s. It is a throwback to when I was very much into flying and I was obsessed with the movie Top Gun and Microsoft Flight Simulator 1995. So I ended picking a name of a bird that’s bad ass and went well with flying.


Founding Member
Aug 28, 2016
"The cool, calm and collected of our German admins, Photonenbert has brought great balance to the running of RSR since the very beginning through his invaluable insight. His fantastic work at capturing the excitement of racing and bringing our events to life via event posters is something to behold and truly appreciated."

Username: Photonenbert
Real Name: Timm Salomon
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 3rd November 1991
Occupation: Car Mechanic (Bodywork) at Mercedes Benz
Daily Drive: Deutsche Bahn

Favourite Car: Hatchi Roku Trueno, in-game: Ford Sierra Drift
Favourite Track: Bathurst
Favourite RSR Memory: Bus race to the top of Mount Chiliad (GTA V).
Favourite RSR Admin: Wut?
Favourite Food: Burger
Favourite Artist: Jack White (The White Stripes)
Favourite Film: Mad Max Fury Road

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Playing acoustic & electric guitar, listening to music (extensively), photography and cycling (mountain bike, dirtbike & singlespeed).
How many languages do you speak? 2 (guess which :D)
What is your dream holiday destination? New Zealand
Who is your personal RSR rival? t0daY
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I don’t want to be a fish I want to be a Mantis Shrimp.

How did you get your username? I cant remember… but I was playing World of Warcraft at the time so that’s a good story.


Founding Member
Aug 25, 2016
“Always a friendly face to have around and half of the dynamic duo that is the induction night team, Pamellaaa has been a treasured member of RSR ever since it’s humble beginnings. Who better to have welcome our new members into the fold?”

Username: Pamellaaa
Real Name: Sam Blease
Country of Residence: England
Date of Birth: 2nd May
Occupation: Technical Support Consultant
Daily Drive: Volvo C30 D5 R-Design

Favourite Car: It changes all the time. Right now I’m lusting after a M235i or a lightly modified BRZ.
Favourite Track: Donington National
Favourite RSR Memory: From Project CARS it would be the Operation Sandstorm race in the GT86 clones at Dubai, it was one of my most competitive events. I had some great battles in both races and the car is easily one of my top 3 in the game. Non-Project CARS it would have to be the GTA V nights and “Fucking Toe-Ad”.
Favourite RSR Admin: All of them!
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Artist: None really
Favourite Film: Shaun of the Dead

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Mountain Biking, gym & excessive consumption of alcohol.
How many languages do you speak? Just the one.
What is your dream holiday destination? Somewhere with a race track, lots of cars and lots of tyres and fuel that I don’t have to pay for.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Hobbs & Battenberg
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I have literally zero idea.

How did you get your username? Sam became Pam, Pam became Pamellaaa, alcohol was involved and it was shouted a lot.


Founding Member
Aug 27, 2016
“The main man when it comes to our induction nights, Hobbnob’s “no gaps, no caps” talk is often the first contact we have with our new members and he does it so well, with the efficiency of an RSR veteran. His love for quirky and challenging car/track combinations has led to the creation of many exciting events, let alone his drifting mods!"

Username: Hobbnob
Real Name: Alex Hobbs
Country of Residence: U.K.
Date of Birth: 17th February 1994
Occupation: In process of joining British Army.
Daily Drive: I walk everywhere :)

Favourite Car: QT Wildcat W1
Favourite Track: Cadwell Park
Favourite RSR Memory: BMW 2002s at Cadwell GP with Pamellaaa as my race engineer. Fun times.
Favourite RSR Admin: FlyingKman (He’s not as stubborn as Manu is ;))
Favourite Food: Steak & chips
Favourite Artist: Feng Zhu
Favourite Film: Black Hawk Down

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Drifting in-game, physics modding, sketching, physical training, reading, photography and making gaming videos.
How many languages do you speak? English with a bit of Russian, Spanish, German and Japanese.
What is your dream holiday destination? Siberia
Who is your personal RSR rival? Pamellaaa
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Breaded with salt.

How did you get your username? Everyone calls me Hobbs. I like biscuits. Hobnob is a biscuit. Then I became Hobbnob :p


Head RSR Designs
Sep 16, 2016
gio_vtec is the sole driver representing Mexico within our RSR ranks and is also one of the most enthusiastic and involved of our members. You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see him at almost every RSR event. But if not, you might see one of his fantastic custom liveries adorning a car in his place.

Username: gio_vtec
Real Name: Giovanni Jacome
Country of Residence: Mexico
Date of Birth: 25th March 1986
Occupation: 3D Modeler/Student
Daily Drive: Nike (No car :p)

Favourite Car: Audi R8 LMS (2015)
Favourite Track: Monza
Favourite RSR Memory: So many I can’t decide… I will say my first and only 2nd place in the Master Festival at Donington.
Favourite RSR Admin: Manu :) (only when he is happy)
Favourite Food: Anything that comes with vegetables.
Favourite Artist: Will Smith
Favourite Film: Transformers

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Hanging out with my buddies or playing soccer. :D
How many languages do you speak? Spanish, English, Korean and a bit of Japanese.
What is your dream holiday destination? Germany!!!
Who is your personal RSR rival? At my pace I don’t think I have rival, but I always want to be near Battenberg. (secret crush? :p)
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A freaking piranha!

How did you get your username? Nothing interesting but when I got my third car was a custom 1991 Honda Civic Vtec, from there I was known as “Vtec”. Then when I created an account for Xbox Live my brain worked so hard just to add gio, and that is the origin of gio_vtec’s name tag. :D


Well-Known Member
Sep 20, 2016
A long time member, Ashnoom is hands down one of the most respectful drivers in RSR and always a gentleman on our Teamspeak server.

Username: Ashnoom
Real Name: Daan Timmer
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Date of Birth: 4th July 1985
Occupation: Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Daily Drive: Renault Megane Estate 1.5TDI (soon Seat Leon ST) and on sunny days Mazda MX5. When none are available I have a Fiat Panda laying around (girlfriend’s).

Favourite Car: IRL: Mazda MX5-RF, in-game: BAC Mono
Favourite Track: Nürburgring GP
Favourite RSR Memory: That one night after a race with Kman, t0daY and a few others where we stayed in TS for about an hour or two speaking about all random nonsense (how many words were there for a wiener in German again? :D).
Favourite RSR Admin:
All but t0daY. But on a serious note, they all have something which makes each of them my favourite:
  • Hobbs for teaching people how to drive and not spearhead into the walls.
  • t0daY for keeping everything together when people are running around aimlessly on TS.
  • Kman, nuff said.
  • Photonenbert, silent observer who keeps quiet and calm all the time except for when it is really needed to show his balls.
  • Pamellaaa for giving a laugh or two.
  • Falcon, haven’t really done much with him :(
Favourite Food: Pancakes
Favourite Artist: Coldplay
Favourite Film: Got too many. (e.g. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile & The Imitation Game)

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Playing games, doing Crossfit and dancing (ballroom/latin).
How many languages do you speak? Dutch, English, a little bit of French and I can understand German a bit.
What is your dream holiday destination? Japan & USA (going there this year!)
Who is your personal RSR rival? I always have problems with Kman, when we get close one of us spins.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Dolphin. Officially not a fish but damn I want to be a dolphin.

How did you get your username? Just random letters arranged in a pronounceable way, made it up when I started playing EVE Online.


New Member
Sep 16, 2016
NemethR is an old skool RSR member and hands down the most persistent driver we have. Many a time we have seen him lose a wheel mid-race and instead of quitting and retiring to the pits, his persistence shines through and he makes the long and painful trip all the way back to the pits to repair his car and make sure his finishes the race under his own steam.

Username: NemethR
Real Name: Roland Németh
Country of Residence: Hungary
Date of Birth: 5th February 1984
Occupation: IT Aplication Administrator
Daily Drive: Seat Arosa

Favourite Car: Porsche GT3 RS
Favourite Track: The Nordschleife of course.
Favourite RSR Memory: There was a Monaco race with the Gulfs and I drove side-by-side with Hobbs through the two hairpins, that was crazy stuff.
Favourite RSR Admin: FlyingKman. I mean you can’t not love that man – makes me laugh any time.
Favourite Food: “Gypsy roast” – Zigeunerbraten
Favourite Artist: Konstantin Lelyak (Photographer)
Favourite Film: The Patriot

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Photography
How many languages do you speak? 4 (Hungarian, English, German & Croatian)
What is your dream holiday destination? Africa
Who is your personal RSR rival? There are so many of you guys I enjoy fighting with, I could not name just one.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Surely a goldfish.

How did you get your username? Well it’s my name as it would be seen on a racing car: Nemeth R… oland.


New Member
Sep 9, 2016
The second biggest YouTuber/streamer in RSR, Tony is a fantastic driver and a friendly RSR member. His channel/streams are always a good, fun place to hang out and watch some quality racing as he commentates AOR races or more importantly, represents RSR in our iRacing endurance teams!

Username: TonyR
Real Name: Tony Richter
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: September 1990
Occupation: Student
Daily Drive: VW Golf Mk4

Favourite Car: Not sure, maybe Aston Martin?
Favourite Track: Bathurst
Favourite RSR Memory: Technically a TGC memory often remembered. First time I actually noticed someone called t0daY on track was in a rainy DTM Oschersleben race when said driver tried to cut me off and I couldn’t avoid a slight contact that send him into the gravel trap but not me. :D
Favourite RSR Admin: I don’t get along with authorities. :p
Favourite Food: Fast Food: Döner, proper Food: Grandma’s potato salad with Bockwurst.
Favourite Artist: The Doors
Favourite Film: I like the crazy ones, The Shining & Apocalypse Now

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Watching motorsport, making videos and programming little stuff.
How many languages do you speak? Only German and English. I learned Latin for 4 years in school: “Morituri te salutant.”
What is your dream holiday destination? I like the eastern and south-eastern states, from Poland to Turkey.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Manu (t0daY)
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Catfish, they have nice moustaches.

How did you get your username? I’m not a very creative man.


RSR Family
Sep 16, 2016
Puffpirat has been a prominent alien within the RSR ranks for a long, long time now – all the way back to the TGC days! Easily one of the most consistent drivers when it comes to top five finishes, Puffpirat has demonstrated his skill time and time again across a broad range of car and track combinations and is always happy to share some of his tips and tricks to improve others. Why why why ramiboo! ;)

Username: Puffpirat
Real Name: Christian Steinhäußer
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 9th May 1986
Occupation: Calibration Engineer for Engine Control Units
Daily Drive: BMW 335i

Favourite Car: Too many great cars out there to pick just one, but from the ones I’ve driven it has to be the Porsche 991 Turbo S. Drive it to the supermarket and it’s tame and easy as a Golf, push Sport+ and it becomes a beast that eats anything south of hypercars for breakfast!
Favourite Track: Zhuhai lol, no, Spa and Imola.
Favourite RSR Memory: We have so many good times together, it’s hard to pick one. For the spirit, I’d take our Formula C race at Ruapuna. I was struggling hard and even though Falcon was my enemy on track he helped me out and together we refined the setup until we where both in a happy place. Just shows the spirit of our community because it made the race so much better. Also our first 24h event in iRacing. This fellowship, cheering for each other, brilliant! From a driving perspective I’d pick the multi-class event at Nürburgring GP with the LMP2, GT3 and rain. An occupied pit box threw me back and a had to fight back hard, catching Elmo and miagi only in the second to last lap. That was one of the sweetest victories :)
Favourite RSR Admin:
You know you are all great. :D
  • Kman just makes me happy, you are such a heart-warming nice chap!
  • Manu obviously for keeping this together and all the hard work he puts into our community.
  • But again, Falcon on a personal level. This one time I wanted to burn down iRacing and wipe it from my hard drive after being crashed out twice in a row, he encouraged me to never give up, spotted for me during the next GT3 race at Spa and eventually pushed me to the win. Good stuff!
Favourite Food: Prawns & Korean BBQ
Favourite Artist: Schumi – his driving is an art.
Favourite Film: Everything Tarantino.

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Once in a while I play soccer with some colleagues or go karting. Also keeping up with motorsport of all kinds. :)
How many languages do you speak? 2, German, English and I can order drinks in Chinese. :p
What is your dream holiday destination? Bali
Who is your personal RSR rival? Has to be Falcon.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? What else would suit my nickname more than a puffer fish! In China a waiter picked one out of his basin and made it eat a clam. Freaking beast!

How did you get your username? I do smoke a lot and once hanging out in the park a friend said “du alter Puffpirat”. A German phrase for smoking paffen, puffen, there we go, new username and not surprising it wasn’t taken anywhere. :p

Alex Salmon

Active Member
Sep 19, 2016
One of, if not the youngest of our members, Alex has been a permanent fixture of RSR since ye olden days and has consistently been one of the quickest drivers for all of that time. Alex brings great energy and a positive vibe to RSR and is always up for a joke and ALWAYS up for some close, fair, door-to-door racing.

Username: alex_salmon281
Real Name: Alex Salmon
Country of Residence: Jersey
Date of Birth: 7th January 2000
Occupation: Basement Dweller/Student
Daily Drive: Not really daily, more bi-monthly, but my 125cc gearbox kart.

Favourite Car: Senna’s 1988 McLaren MP4/4
Favourite Track: Cadwell Park or Monaco
Favourite RSR Memory: It’s a difficult one but probably the race we had around Cadwell with the BMW 2002 turbo for one of the first events where everyone was racing super close until the end. :D
Favourite RSR Admin: Probably t0daY because I know he hates me so this will just wind him up more. :p
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Artist: The guy who made the “sad Affleck” meme.
Favourite Film: Watchmen or Deadpool

Hobbies Outside of Racing: More racing! I race my kart in real life as often as I can, mostly in the south-west of England with my brother :D
How many languages do you speak? I can barely speak English to be honest so 0.80.
What is your dream holiday destination? I would love to go to Le Mans and Goodwood. I really like the look of the Silverstone 6 Hours as well.
Who is your personal RSR rival? I don’t really have one. I like racing against everyone.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? I don’t really think I have a choice do I? Well salmon it is then…

How did you get your username? When I first started my account I spent ages thinking of a funny name for myself then I realised no matter what my username was people were still going to laugh at my real name so I just stuck some numbers behind it and TA-DA! So yeah basically I got my username from the sad caveman who thought it would be cool if he named his family after a fish.

Alex du Plessis

Well-Known Member
Sep 16, 2016
“The quieter of our two South Africans, AlexOki has been a loyal member of RSR since it’s inception and perfectly represents what we are all about. Although he is a man of few words, his calm, cheerful and positive input is always a welcome addition to the many events he has attended over the lifetime of RSR.”

Username: Oki
Real Name: Alex du Plessis
Country of Residence: Republic of South Africa
Date of Birth: 6th August 1965
Occupation: Senior IT Technician
Daily Drive: Ford 1.3L Pickup

Favourite Car: Audi RS5
Favourite Track: Silverstone
Favourite RSR Memory: Every event is a memorable event for me when everything goes well (as well as not so well). The greatest part I find is the camaraderie within our ranks and that is what makes us at RSR so unique. The friendships I have built over the last year from when I was with TGC until now has been quite a highlight in my career with Project CARS.
Favourite RSR Admin: Tricky question.
Favourite Food: Barbecued lamb & potfood (potjiekos). For those non-South Africans, potjiekos is one of many South African dishes. There are many variants of the dish from lamb, beef and chicken to name a few, all cooked over coals in a black cast iron pot with different vegetables. Pretty much like a stew but totally different in taste and awfully scrumptious.
Favourite Artist: Pink Floyd
Favourite Film: Top Gun

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Falcon 4 BMS flight simulator and being part of a pit crew at Killarney race track on race weekends.
How many languages do you speak? 3
What is your dream holiday destination? Seychelles
Who is your personal RSR rival? Everyone
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Although it is not a fish, I would pick a dolphin due to their grace and intelligence.

How did you get your username? Many years ago I answered all questions that needed to be understood with “Oki Doki”. That’s how the name originated and eventually became Oki.


New Member
Mar 7, 2017
Easily one of the most genuinely nice and down to Earth guys in RSR, OBigO is a gentleman both on and off the track. One of the more recent members to join our ranks, he has been a valuable asset to our community from day one with his inclusive nature and fun-loving attitude.

Username: OBigO
Real Name: Olly Blundell
Country of Residence: Brazil
Date of Birth: 20th July 1981
Occupation: Poker Player
Daily Drive: Taxi!

Favourite Car: Ferrari F40
Favourite Track: Interlagos
Favourite RSR Memory: Ramibooooooo! One of my first races in RSR I ruined Puffpirat’s race. He thought it was ramiboo and screamed out his name. After the race we spoke about it and everyone had a laugh and kept playing the recording over and over in Teamspeak. Made me feel less bad about it! Also Formula C at Zolder. I came out the pits in first, five seconds ahead of Manu with five laps to go. He attacked me really hard and I caved under the pressure on the last lap but those were the best five laps I’ve had.
Favourite RSR Admin: Kman laughing at his own jokes cracks me up every time! Manu does a great job of keeping everyone in check, very German but with a good sense of humour.
Favourite Food: Curry
Favourite Artist: Tool
Favourite Film: Top ten would be hard enough but I will go with Taxi Driver.

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Watching football (huge Tottenham fan), muay thai, scuba diving & poker!
How many languages do you speak? English & Portuguese (badly!)
What is your dream holiday destination? Safari
Who is your personal RSR rival? Nighttiger
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Goliath Grouper – big & lazy!

How did you get your username? In my group at uni there were two Ollys, I was Big O and he was Little O. OBigO is also my poker name.


New Member
May 28, 2017
Seemingly coming out of nowhere, this alien from the US of A has taken RSR by storm since he escaped Area 51 and joined RSR. Immediately jumping to podium contention in almost every race he participates in, Nooonotreally has made his mark on RSR with his blistering quick pace and clean, fair racing.

Username: Nooonotreally
Real Name: Josh Mills
Country of Residence: U.S.A.
Date of Birth: 8th March 1990
Occupation: Mobile Boat & Car Detailing Business
Daily Drive: 2006 Mazdaspeed 6

Favourite Car: Lotus Evora 400
Favourite Track: Sakitto International
Favourite RSR Memory: The Formula Renault 3.5 race at Monza. I hate to bring it up but I have to! Definite high point of my racing career with you guys, I almost lapped the whole field in a 60 lap race. :) Winning in style! Granted, PakCafan was mid season in the Formula 3.5 so we had many hours put into setups before we even started practising for that event.
Favourite RSR Admin:
This is a tough one. How come I have to pick just one of the admins?! Ok. You know it’s coming. This is where I say something great about all of you…
  • t0daY for all of his meltdown moments. :) “Do not talk while I am speaking!” “Who does that?!”
  • Hobbs because he sounds like a mad scientist… in a good way.
  • FlyingKman’s laugh. Gets me every time.
  • Falcon2081 for his great choice of final event at Monza in the 3.5. :) Thanks, not letting that one go.
  • Photonenbert. I have to say I am not sure if I have raced with him? I’m sure he is an all around good dude though!
Favourite Food: “The Cheeseburger”
Favourite Artist: Slightly Stoopid
Favourite Film: The Transporter

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Surfing, ice hockey, soccer (USA), snowboarding, travelling & hiking.
How many languages do you speak? One and only one sadly.
What is your dream holiday destination? Costa Rica
Who is your personal RSR rival? t0daY
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Butis butis fish. This fish is territorial towards it’s own kind. Reminds me of my inner racer while we all race in identical cars fighting for the top spot!

How did you get your username? “Noooooo, not really” you can say it to anyone, anytime, for whatever conversation. It is universal. :) … no not really.


Senior Member
Oct 16, 2016
Doctor by day and DJ by night, this flying Dutch man embodies exactly what RSR is all about with his firm yet fair attitude towards racing. A quiet achiever in our midst, Nighttiger is always eager for a challenge and ways to improve his driving and it’s clear to see his hard work paying off.

Username: Nighttiger
Real Name: Bas van Dort
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Date of Birth: 31st March 1993
Occupation: Medical Student, DJ & Private Driver
Daily Drive: Bicycle/Race Bicycle

Favourite Car: Aston Martin Vanquish or Maserati GranTurismo
Favourite Track: Albert Park, Australia or Spa Francorchamps
Favourite RSR Memory: Wow, a difficult one. I can think of two. First the Bathurst race, it was one of the first races I managed to finish in the top 5 ever and the race was SO HARD! Walls, walls, walls and Micky Mouse brakes, my god. The pressure was real and the margin for error so small. I battled ferociously with Mr Beas I believe and managed to not crash, very intense racing. The second one must be my first ever RSR win at Sakkito Sprint with the Renault. That was some amazing close and fair racing, managed to beat some of the aliens there. VERY NICE! But in the end, all the races are good memories. I joined RSR because I wanted to get the “real” racing feeling with the same minded people. Setting up your car, preparing for a race, race bumper to bumper but fair, and have awesome battles. I found all of this at RSR and I am grateful to every single member for providing this amazing experience!
Favourite RSR Admin: Well all admins do amazing work by putting so much time in RSR. But I do have some favourites:
  • To start, the angry German admin t0daY. I can always chat in a relaxed way with him. I just love his angry outbursts during, for example, driver briefings and I admire his dedication.
  • Next up is FlyingKman, never really spoke to him on a personal level, however his laugh…
  • Finally Hobbnob, I enjoy his no gaps, no caps talk but I really enjoy his hilarious dead serious remarks. I can still remember my first induction night and Hobbs was in charge of it. I was quite nervous and whilst exiting the pits in practice I hesitantly asked if I could ask a question and Hobbs said “No.” LOL!
Favourite Food: A hamburger – home made with fresh meat, herbs, veggies, cheese, bacon & special homemade sauce.
Favourite Artist: Dannic
Favourite Film: Rush (the F1 film about Nicky Lauda and James Hunt)

Hobbies Outside of Racing: For starters I like to play some other PC games. I have a very wide interest in that but the amount of time I can spend on them differs. I am a medical student almost in my final year so I spend a lot of time doing internships in hospitals, so racing is sometimes not possible. Furthermore, I really enjoy being a DJ at parties. I perform 1-2 times a month. It started as just a hobby for at home but now it has escalated to a small paying job. I also make music mixes for friends and share them online. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends and drinking beer together and not really doing anything or spending time with my girlfriend. Last but not least, I have my own racing bicycle and love to cycle 50-60km a week through the countryside.
How many languages do you speak? 3 (Dutch, English & some German)
What is your dream holiday destination? The Caribbean with white beaches, blue seas and a lot of Piña Coladas.
Who is your personal RSR rival? Difficult one, I think perhaps Logger. Yes you Logger! He joined at the same time as I did and he was faster than me most of the time but currently I am able to outperform him from time to time. I always keep my eye out for him. And one day I’ll be as fast as todaY!
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Well I think I’ll have to be a tiger shark! Those sharks are brutal, they eat everything, even plates.

How did you get your username? That is a very long time ago, I think I adopted it when I was 13. I had to make an account for another forum and I thought that name was pretty cool. Later on I used it for all my game accounts. Doesn’t have a special meaning though, but I do find tigers very cool. And tigers in the night are even more cool.

Thomas Sikora

Well-Known Member
Sep 18, 2016
A long time member, Thomas Sikora has built up his reputation as an outstandingly clean and fair driver over the entire period of RSR’s existence. Coupled with his willingness to put in countless hours of practice before each race, who better to have as one of our in-house race stewards.

Username: Thomas Sikora
Real Name: Thomas Sikora
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 23rd September 1979
Occupation: Engineer (currently ECU calibration)
Daily Drive: Z4 3.0si (E86)

Favourite Car: Porsche 993 RS, in-game: Z4 GT3 what else :)
Favourite Track: My track day tracks. :) (Hockenheim, Brno & Nürburgring)
Favourite RSR Memory: Can’t remember when and who it was, but a ranked race (I think it was Brno) where I fought the two final laps against someone. Finally we had a photo finish with less then one car length between us. :)
Favourite RSR Admin: Impossible to answer. They build up an excellent community by investing so much time. Now we have more then ninety green members (reds not included). So from that point, everyone is a favourite. Thanks for the work!!! However, I’ll select two that are “more” favourite. FlyingKman and Photonenbert, with the easy reason they are direct opponents sometimes on the track. ;)
Favourite Food: Sushi, BBQ & strawberries.
Favourite Artist: Horacio Pagani & Brian Eno.
Favourite Film: Battlestar Galactica (remake) & Band of Brothers.

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Baseball, tennis, track days, mountain biking, martial arts & flight simulators.
How many languages do you speak? German, English, Polish & a little bit of Czech.
What is your dream holiday destination? Off-road tour through New Zealand.
Who is your personal RSR rival? steveg200, falkeGT, Ashnoom & Xtreme_Dama.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Exocoetidae, a fish who loves flying. :)

How did you get your username? From my mother… father’s side is too complicated.

RSR Admin

Sep 14, 2016
The quieter of our German members, Mortimer8701 has been with RSR since the very beginning. His amazing understanding of racing rules and regulations is greatly appreciated by all our members and has earned him the position of temporary admin/race steward for the biggest event we have ever run, the 2.4 Hours of Le Mans!

Username: Mortimer8701
Real Name: Patrick Kulinski
Country of Residence: Germany
Date of Birth: 23rd October 1987
Occupation: Testing Engineer
Daily Drive: Ford Focus MkI 1.4L

Favourite Car: Lotus 2-Eleven
Favourite Track: Suzuka
Favourite RSR Memory: Fighting with Xtreme_Dama at Imola for a good part of half an hour in the GTEs. With battered front tyres due to wear and good ol’ bumper-to-bumper action.
Favourite RSR Admin: Hoooooooobbs
Favourite Food: Kebap
Favourite Artist: Al Pacino
Favourite Film: Hot Shots! Part Deux

Hobbies Outside of Racing: Karting, squash, football, politics, card and board games.
How many languages do you speak? Four (German, Polish, English & some French)
What is your dream holiday destination? A sandy, sunny and warm beach with palms, no civilisation around and a gorgeous girl waiting for me with two caipirinhas.
Who is your personal RSR rival? MelBonkers. Let’s say he’s not my personal rival, but he’s my favourite rival. ;) He’s pretty quick and therefore a good benchmark.
If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A whale. I’m not too fast, I hardly ever bite, but I think I can cope with most other fish when things get serious. :)

How did you get your username? For a social network I was looking for a username that neither had an image in particular nor is one of those lame usernames you find too often (“superhero”, “legend”, etc). I remembered “Mortimer” as it was Mickey Mouse’s original first name, so I chose this one. The “8701” comes from the first national chess rating I had, without the dash that came with it.

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