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  1. t0daY

    t0daY Head of RSR Admin

    Aug 2, 2016

    "Manu is by far the hardest working admin here in RSR. This angry German manages to keep everyone in check and the RSR wheels turning with ruthless efficiency that only a German can do. His dedication and the hard work he puts into this group is staggering and without it, RSR simply wouldn’t exist today."

    Username: t0daY
    Real Name: Manuel Dürr
    Country of Residence: Germany
    Date of Birth : 2nd February 1993
    Occupation: IT Specialist
    Daily Drive: Opel Astra 2001

    Favourite Car: Formula C
    Favourite Track: Tricky one… I’ll stick to my home track, Hockenheim!
    Favourite RSR Memory: The parade lap of the Falcon Farewell Festival event.
    Favourite RSR Admin: Answers other than my name will result in minus points. Who is brave enough?
    Favourite Food: Whatever is on the table ;)
    Favourite Artist: The Kooks
    Favourite Film: Remember the Titans

    Hobbies Outside of Racing: I have no hobbies. RSR is love, RSR is life :p :D
    How many languages do you speak? German, English, French and a little bit Spanish.
    What is your dream holiday destination? New York
    Who is your personal RSR rival? TonyR
    If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A super evil German white shark.

    How did you get your username? My original name was “todayismyday” which I had from an advertisement on TV. After I started playing Dota 2 competitively in a league I wanted a shorter name because literally, nobody would say “Hey todayismyday blablabla…”. At this time my favourite Dota 2 player was n0taiL, so I decided to transform my name to t0daY. But I think it does not matter because every idiot is calling me “Manu” anyway :p
  2. FlyingKman

    FlyingKman Induction Lead Admin

    Aug 25, 2016

    “Another of our hard working admins, FlyingKman embodies the fun-loving spirit of RSR and importantly reminds us why we do what we do. His level head and infectious giggle makes RSR a happier place each time he logs on.”

    Username: FlyingKman
    Real Name: Luciano Benini
    Country of Residence: South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
    Date of Birth: 24th July 1985
    Occupation: Manufacturing Resource Planning Assistant
    Daily Drive: Ssangyong Actyon Sports

    Favourite Car: Nissan GTR
    Favourite Track: Silverstone National
    Favourite RSR Memory: Staying up late, chatting and playing games with the admins till early hours of the morning.
    Favourite RSR Admin: EVERY ADMIN!
    • Hobbs – Chatting late nights about military things, playing army games and drifting.
    • t0daY – Helping me install Windows using my wife’s PC on Teamspeak.
    • Photo – Practising and testing track combinations.
    • Falcon – We had a weekend of just him and I on Teamspeak and racing.
    • Pam – Doing the team event with him.
    Favourite Food: Pasta & pizza
    Favourite Artist: I actually don’t have a favourite.
    Favourite Film: Men of Honor

    Hobbies Outside of Racing: I have my own Karate Dojo of about 130 students. So yeah I do a lot of karate for most of my spare time. Other then that I play squash and do random runs and mountain biking.
    How many languages do you speak? English, Afrikaans and a bit of Italian.
    What is your dream holiday destination? I want to go where my grandparents stayed in Italy. Grandfather came from Riva Di Garda and grandmother from Venice.
    Who is your personal RSR rival? Ashnoom
    If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Eel, electrify mofo’s that touch me.

    How did you get your username? I watched a series called “Heroes” and when Hiro Nakamuras see’s Nathan Petrelli he shouts out FLYINGKMAN!!! I was like I MUST HAVE!!!
  3. ramiboo

    ramiboo Head of IT Admin

    Aug 2, 2016

    Introducing one of our resident real-life racers and crowned ‘King of the Mountain’, ramiboo! An all-round nice guy and always a humble victor, ramiboo greatly helps out RSR by administrating our dedicated servers.

    Username: ramiboo
    Real Name: Spencer McCarthy
    Country of Residence: United Kingdom
    Date of Birth: 11th February 1977
    Occupation: IT Consultant
    Daily Drive: BMW 535d M Sport

    Favourite Car: Chevron B8
    Favourite Track: RL: Oulton Park; In-Game: Brands Hatch GP
    Favourite RSR Memory: There are a lot, but it’s got to be either the races at Cadwell Park in the BMW 2002 against the RSR legend falcon2081 or the crazy high pressure race at Oulton Park in the Group A tourers when I had to fend off cluck the whole race using every trick I know.
    Favourite RSR Admin: It’s a love/hate relationship really but it has to be t0daY. I’m blown away with the effort he continually puts into the running and organisation of the community. All the admins play their part and I’m very grateful for their commitment. (+5000 points please)
    Favourite Food: My wife’s lamb and apricot curry, oh man. Now I’ve said it I’ll have to put a request in! :p
    Favourite Artist: Got to be Rammstein as I love angry Germans.
    Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction or Fight Club

    Hobbies Outside of Racing: There is nothing outside racing, I grew up surrounded by it, it’s in my DNA.
    How many languages do you speak? Only English I’m afraid.
    What is your dream holiday destination? Ascari Race Resort
    Who is your personal RSR rival? t0daY, cluck, Puffpirat & falcon2081
    If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? A clown fish – they are great Dad’s!

    How did you get your username? Well, I’m 6’4″ and pretty skinny. My mate nicknamed me the peperami man on holiday once as I tan pretty well. It later got shortened to ramiboo. It’s pretty rubbish, but at least it’s normally easy to get that username on most sites I visit!! :D
  4. SillySausage

    SillySausage Social Media Lead Admin

    Aug 27, 2016

    “As the newest addition to the admin team, SillySausage’s dedication to RSR is unrivalled. Due to living in Australia he often gets up as early as 3:30am to join in on the racing. He has also proven invaluable in setting up and maintaining the ‘Our Members’ section of our website. He’s written every member’s blurb apart from this one, because that would be a bit weird.”

    Username: SillySausage
    Real Name: Michael Gould
    Country of Residence: Australia
    Date of Birth: 14th June 1993
    Occupation: Assistant Resuscitation Teacher & CNC Machine Operator
    Daily Drive: 1991 BMW E30 318i

    Favourite Car: Too many! Favourite in-game car is the Ginetta G40 Junior.
    Favourite Track: Mount Panorama (Bathurst)
    Favourite RSR Memory: Racing side-by-side for the lead in the dark at Willow Springs with Falcon.
    Favourite RSR Admin: My PayPal accounts says I have to say t0daY. But Kman’s giggle though…
    Favourite Food: Pasta
    Favourite Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    Favourite Film: The Lord of the Rings

    Hobbies Outside of Racing: Playing many other games like Counter-Strike and working on my cars because they're always broken. Also religiously following motorsport.
    How many languages do you speak? One. Australian. (Not to be confused with English)
    What is your dream holiday destination? Hiring a super car and driving across Europe.
    Who is your personal RSR rival? It would have to be Battenberg, he always seems to end up next to me on track, has similar pace and is just an all-round nice bloke. We also joined TGC at a similar time too I think.
    If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? One of those tiny feeder fish that is scared of everything and eats the scum off whales.

    How did you get your username? I was first called Iblivian for years because my favourite game was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and it used to be cool to mispell your username. I then wanted to start my first YouTube channel but was worried about my lisp. Back in school kids always got me to say the same sentence so they could hear my lisp: “seven silly sausages”. So I decided to be Batman and become my fear so I made my channel and username SillySausage from that day forward :p
  5. Darksi

    Darksi Manager of RSR Admin

    Feb 8, 2017

    "Although he is relatively new to RSR, Darksi has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of our most recent staff members. Due to his friendly demenour, enthusiasm and helpful nature, this was an easy choice. "

    Username: Darksi
    Real Name: Simon Scott
    Country of Residence: England
    Date of Birth: 19 August 1980
    Occupation: IT Officer
    Daily Drive: Ford Grand Tourneo

    Favourite Car: Porsche 911 Carrera
    Favourite Track: Brands Hatch
    Favourite RSR Memory: The one thing that sticks in my memory is when doing the time trials for the Revolution Cup - Season 2, I was getting quite a lot of coaching from Kman and just the improvements and help he gave me was absolutely legendary.
    Favourite RSR Admin: Oh I don't have favourites, they are all the best :D
    Favourite Food: Singapore Noodles
    Favourite Artist: Fear Factory
    Favourite Film: The Holy Trinity

    Hobbies Outside of Racing: Kite buggying and walking.
    How many languages do you speak? 1 - English
    What is your dream holiday destination? Canada
    Who is your personal RSR rival? Has to be Jonno.
    If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? Koi - because then I can match the tattoo on my arm.

    How did you get your username? Well it started off as twisted_angelwings, then went to darkangelsi and then a group of gamers got lazy and so ended up as darksi. The amount of different ways people say it gets amusing. As it is dark-si.
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