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May 3, 2017
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Information from RACE CONTROL:

Reporting an incident:

If you want to report an incident for your team you must provide following information:

-Car lap

Additional information that you should but not must provide:

-what happend?
-other car number

This report must be done via a text message to a race director in the race control channel. (P1-Staff that are not in the race control channel DO NOT help you with your reports)
If your report does not have the mandatory informations it will not be processed.

After race reports are possible via the report incident form as always.

"Code 60" / "FCY" Procedures:

Stewards are able to call a "Code 60" / "FCY". This means all the cars have to be slowed down, engaged their pit limiter and must not overtake as soon as the "Code 60" / "FCY" phase starts.

If there is a dangerous situation on the track, race control will call "Code 60" in XX Seconds. There will be a countdown for the last 5 seconds.
When this countdown reaches 0, "Engage" will be called. All drivers have to be slowed to the pit limiter speed and engage their pit limiter at that point in time.

Before the "Code 60" Phase ends there will be an announcement by race control as well as a countdown again.
At the end of that countdown all drivers are free to continue to race.

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