Starting Procedure

Standing Start

Our standing start procedure is a completely manual process:

  • When placed on the grid, drivers are to ignore the in-game starting lights and remain stationary (it is advisable to keep your foot on the brake, especially for tracks with the S/F straight on a slope). Keep quiet and await further instructions from the race director/admins.
  • The race director/admins will then ask competitors if there are any issues with the grid, such as missing cars, glitches, cars spawning in the wrong place etc. . Chat, at this point, should be solely for the purpose of pointing out any grid problems.
  • When the grid is ready, the admins will nominate someone to call out the phrase "Red... Red... Red... Green" on TeamSpeak. On "Green" the race will begin. Please be aware that the timing of "Green" is random, so do not expect it to be called in the same 'beat'. Any jump starts can be investigated by the stewards after the race - do NOT call these out on TeamSpeak as they happen, save it for the end of the race.

Rolling Start

Our rolling start system utilises a completely manual procedure, featuring a parade lap:

  • When the race starts, cars are to remain on the grid. Once the lead car is instructed to move off, the rest of the field follows in single file formation.
  • At a pre-determined point on the track (usually on approach to the final corner) the race directors will instruct all drivers to make note of their position and to form up in double file formation. The speed of the formation will be also instructed by the race directors.
  • The side of the track that pole position will form up on will depend on the track. The rest of the field has to form up accordingly. This will always be worked so that the pole sitter has the racing line into the first turn.
  • Once the leader crosses the start/finish line (or other pre-agreed landmark at a limited number of tracks) he must announce "Green Green Green" clearly over teamspeak.
  • When "Green Green Green" is called by the leader all drivers may accelerate and also are allowed to overtake as the race officially begins.
Important Notes for the Rolling Start
  • The pace of the lead car will be dictated by the race directors before the start of the race. All the other cars must follow and maintain a sensible gap between each other.
  • During the formation lap you are allowed to steer left/right to warm up your tires and perform brake checks or overall warm up your brakes.
  • If a car stalls on the grid in the beginning of the parade lap the car behind must give them a chance to get started. Leaving the grid is a slow process and a small delay is easily caught up in the first few corners.
  • If you spin during the warm up procedure you must wait off the track until the whole field has come through and rejoin at the back. You must not re-take your position in the pack.
  • It is important that you take note of your position when instructed to and not assume that it hasn’t changed from the start of the race. If a car has spun, disconnected or had to retire the positions will change and the 2x2 formation must be based on the correct and up-to-date positions.