I learned a lot of things about online racing from you guys...and the most important part is how to reach people as you do. I mean, your kindness, your professional attitude.

Zincau, Jul 4, 2017

RSR Member

It was great to get back online and in game with you guys...Its been so long but it immediately felt like home, so many things change but stay the same. Thanks again guys.

Martin G Webb, Jul 4, 2017

RSR Member

This was my first organised online racing, and feel like I've gone from a nervous n00b to an actual competitive racer over the course of six races! Thanks to all that organised / took part.

Pete Morrish, Jul 4, 2017

SMS Producer

I would like to thank you for organizing the RSR Cup and for the RSR events in general. It is the kind of racing I came to RSR for and I enjoyed it alot.

You are running this organisation in a outstanding manner and many other organisations in all tiers of our society can learn alot from how you guys are running it. Especially the consistancy of the communication itself and the quality of it. It all seems quite minor but it is very hard to consistantly keep doing this. Keep this up and I hope to be part of your community alot longer.

Nighttiger, Jul 4, 2017

RSR Member